Прокатный стан

Rolling Mill

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The mill load is large, but the roll diameter and bearing size are limited by the roll size, and cannot be increased unlimitedly.Therefore, the unit pressure of roller bearing is large, more than 2 ~ 5 times that of general purpose bearing.High speed is the development trend of modern rolling mills, so the operating speed range of roll bearings is changing more and more.The high precision of sheet material is required due to Poor working environment, uneven heating, unstable temperature,frequent roll changing.According to the work characteristics of the rolling mill, therefore, the roller bearings have high requirements: the bearings are required to have high bearing capacity, high rotation accuracy, high limit rotation speed, simple structure, and easy assembly and disassembly.

EGI rolling mill bearing products are widely used in cold rolling and hot rolling production lines in major steel mills across the country.The machining precision is P5, and the service life can reach the world high-end brand level.

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